New scarecrow aims to serve college tennis ace

IN just over a fortnight Battle people will have an opportunity to contribute to a project which will not only be beneficial to the town, but could add a new word to the English language.

With ‘Big Server’, which will be on display in the Almonry Gardens, Battle for Tennis has entered the Scarecrow Festival to further its campaign, not only to encourage more people of all ages to take up tennis but to raise the £13,900 needed for the installation of a practice fence at the recreation ground and at Claverham College.

Tony Perkins, from Battle for Tennis, said: “When the magic amount has been raised, the 100 most generous donors to this worthwhile cause will be named upon plaques to acknowledge their significant role. They will be ‘centillions’ in our Battle for Tennis.

“The prefix evokes 100, it rhymes with ‘postillions’ - outriders who, in earlier times, helped to steer coaches to their objective and it is only one syllable different from ‘centurions’ – commanders of 100 men in the Roman Army.

“Until that £13,900 has been raised donors will remain anonymous - only the amount of the 100th largest donation to date will be publicised.

“However much people give, they can be sure that every pound will bring forward the day when the winner of a major championship has been brought up in Battle.”