Newly-restored Dunkirk to premiere in Camber Sands

A screenshot from the 1958 production Dunkirk. SUS-170724-140729001
A screenshot from the 1958 production Dunkirk. SUS-170724-140729001

As thousands flock to cinemas across the country to watch Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, Camber Sands is preparing to play host to a very special screening of a classic wartime epic of the same name.

Leslie Norman’s Dunkirk was released in 1958 but has recently been restored ready to release on DVD and Blu-ray later this year.

A screenshot from the 1958 production of Dunkirk. SUS-170724-140740001

A screenshot from the 1958 production of Dunkirk. SUS-170724-140740001

The newly-restored film will be premiered in Camber Sands, on the very beaches where it was shot, on the evenings of Wednesday, September 20 and Thursday, September 21.

As well as the screening, event-goers will enjoy an evening of themed 1940s homegrown entertainment, including food and drink of the era, 1940s dance classes and set dressing, music and walkabout re-enactments.

Gates will open at 5:30pm, for a 7.30pm screening.

The screening of Dunkirk will be preceded by archive short films, including a specially compiled montage of footage from the local coastal area at the time of the production by Screen Archive South East. There will also be a special guest introduction.

Prior to Christopher Nolan’s film, which was released in cinemas last Friday (July 21), the story of Dunkirk had not been told in modern cinema since Norman’s 1958 black-and-white version. Coincidentally, Dunkirk (1958) stars the late Richard Attenborough as a businessman, who sailed his boat from England to Dunkirk to help rescue British and French soldiers trapped on the beaches. His grandson Will Attenborough features in the 2017 production of Dunkirk, where he plays Royal Navy Second Lieutenant Howe.

The restoration and Camber Sands premiere has been made possible as part of a special programme of screenings and events taking place at coastal locations around the UK, staged supported by the BFI Film Audience Network (FAN), organisations with funds from the National Lottery, and lead by Film Hub Central East to launch BFI’s Britain on Film Coast and Sea collection.

Dunkirk follows the dramatic events leading up to Operation Dynamo, where upon the British Army attempted to rescue fellow soldiers and allied troops from Nazi occupied France.

Seen from the dual perspectives of a jaded journalist in search of propaganda and a weary soldier desperately trying to give his troop some hope, Dunkirk never shies away from the brutality of war and the bravery of its soldiers.

The new restoration of Dunkirk is released on DVD, Blu-ray and EST with brand new extras on September 25 from Studiocanal as part of their Vintage Classics Collection – showcasing iconic British films, all fully restored and featuring extra content.

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