Karen Ayling

The White House, Dixter Road

Iden Parish Council met on Tuesday 6 November at which 5 Parish Councillors were present together with County Councillor Keith Glazier and District Councillors Paul Osborne and Nick Ramus. There were also 15 members of the public present

Before the meeting started, the Chairman welcomed Police Constable Nigel Collins form Rye who was at the meeting as one of their regular visits. This time it was appropriately timed as Iden has just suffered three very upsetting burglaries within the space of 4 weeks. He advised that he thought that an arrest was probable very soon and expressed his profound concern that such incidents were again featuring in Iden after a period of relative calm. His advice is for people to remain vigilant and to report anything suspicious, however trivial to them on 101 or 999

He went on to say that the Police priorities remain reducing the fear of crime, anti social behaviour and speeding. With regard to the latter he was advised that the new speed limit for Iden of 30mph will come into force very shortly and he has undertaken to conduct speed traps to ensure this is enforced.

The point was made that the Village still awaits the Neighbourhood Watch scheme to be finalised if only to give the public confidence that everything is being done to prevent crime. The Police have undertaken to talk to the Council in this respect when co-ordinators will be sought around the village to help.

There was nothing to report under planning, except that the Council had agreed to support the application for Barons Oak Barn

The Chairman thanked all those who had attended the session last month to consider what should be included in the revision of the Village Plan. The suggestions were very helpful and the Council is now drafting the revised plan which will be sent to all residents in the New Year

New dog fouling notices are being ordered for the Churchyard and Playing Field

The Iden Community Emergency Planning Forum has continued to meet and a questionnaire to all residents will be sent early in 2013. This will be asking the public to advise ways they may be able to help in the event of an emergency in the village

Draft Council minutes will now be published within ten days of each meeting

A new rubbish bin has been placed in the Play Area

The drafting of the budget for 2013./14 is now under way and will be finalised in January. It will be very challenging as the Council has many priorities and to increase the Council Tax will not be very welcome. Fortunately the costs of the grass cutting for the Playing Field and Churchyard has been frozen for next year

The proposed Cycle Route Iden/Rye is now out for public consultation and details can be found on the board outside Iden Stores. Comments are required please by the end of the month to the Parish Clerk

Both the County and District Councillors spoke of the pressure on Council Tax and the budgets for next year in their respective reports.

The next meeting of the Council will be on Tuesday 4 December at 7.30pm in Iden Village Hall

The Iden Singers recently performed in Stone Church in aid of their window fund and raised over £200.

There was an excellent turnout for the Remembrance Day Service when some £250 was collected for the Poppy Appeal