Northiam Scout troop may close

Northiam Scouts
Northiam Scouts

ONE of the oldest Scout groups in the country is in danger of closing if volunteers cannot be found.

First Northiam Scouts dates back to 1909 when it was founded by an Army friend of Lord Baden Powell who lived at nearby Ewhurst.

It is still thriving with an active membership comprising 12 Scouts and 10 Cubs.

But Scout Leader Geoff Hall needs some adult helpers.

Scouting rules mean that troops cannot be run by just one adult for child safety reasons.

Jacky Broad, who has been involved with Northiam Scouts for 40 years, said: “Our Scout Troop will have to be closed if we cannot get some more adult help.

“Geoff, our Scout Leader, initially needs people to help him either regularly or occasionally.

“The Scout Association has various levels of helpers some which are non-uniformed, however, the ideal would be people who have an interest in helping out young people with training and skills. Everyone has something to offer.

“We have no shortage of enthusiastic youngsters and we have our own headquarters , at Goddens Gill and are well equipped and funded.

“It is leaders we are short of and it is not easy to find volunteers these days.

“Ideally it would be great if we could have someone who wants to train as a leader, but help, in any form whatsoever, by an enthusiastic adult would be welcome.

“It is a very worthwhile organisation. We have had young people pass through here who have gone on to do all sorts of things in the world. It would be a great shame if Northiam Scouts were forced to close as it is a strong troop for a village. If you can help call me on 01797 253228.”