Bull runs rings around police

AN ESCAPED bull led police on a merry dance around Netherfield early on Wednesday morning.

Officers were called to the village just before 5.40am, following reports that a bull and a cow were loose on the road near Woods Corner, just past the White Hart pub.

At one point the bull was said to be charging up and down the road.

Because of the size of the beast, police were unable to capture it, so tried to protect the animal by guiding traffic around it and keeping the public away from the bull.

A number of local farmers were contacted, but no one knew who the animal belonged to.

At 6.30am the bull and the cow were still loose, going in and out of hedge rows and walking down the main road.

Police tried to contact an emergency vet, but no one was available.

At 7.15am a local farmer was able to secure the escaped pair at Giffords Farm, as the owner had still not be found.

Eventually the owner was traced to Dukes Hill, Battle.

Sergeant Dan Russell, of Battle police, said the man had been offered “strong words of advice” over the incident.