Oliver rests on his scallops

Oliver with scallops SUS-140403-082614001
Oliver with scallops SUS-140403-082614001

RYE Scallop Festival was a huge success despite fears that the winter storms could lead to a shortage of the local delicacy.

John Botterell had plenty of scallops after sourcing them from nearby fishing fleets that have larger boats which were able to get out to Rye Bay in the bad weather,

Organiser Oliver Campion said: “Anthony Bailey, who was cooking scallops in the Strand outside his Old Grain Store sold out of 30Kg of scallops in just half an hour!

“Restaurants were packed and Rye chefs let their imaginations run wild with a superb variety of dishes to discover.”

Scallop dishes came in all forms and Marino’s, in the Mint, were even serving up battered scallops with chips.

At the Strand Quay farmer’s market scallops were eaten within two minutes of being shelled, pan-fried in a little butter.