OLYMPIC TORCH 7pm: Today was the highlight of everything Lawrence has achieved

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The parents of Hastings youngster Lawrence Page say the chance to carry the Olympic Torch is the highlight of everything their son has achieved.

Lawrence, who celebrated his 46th birthday yesterday, has raised £188,000 for charity down the years, despite being starved of oxygen at birth and suffering from learning difficulties.

His proud dad Jim said, “He had piles of presents yesterday and you can feel he’s excited but he never shows it. He takes a lot of it all in his stride but he was so chuffed to get his hands on the torch in the town hall.”

Lawrence has completed 22 Hastings Half Marathons as well and full marathons in London, New York, Oslo and Berlin.

He has also raised further funds through parachute jumps.

Jim continued, “There’s many marathons around and parachute jumps but this is once-in-a-lifetime. He’s a very polite and well-conducted young man and he’s got a lot of courage.

“We’re so proud of him.”

Lawrence will be cheered on by his parents and his brother who is coming down from working as a builder in Uckfield to see him carry the torch between Cave Road and Sussex Road in St Leonards.

Jim, who lives in Hollington, added, “I’ve had people I’ve not spoken to in years ring me up and say they’ve heard about him in the paper.

“One guy from Romford said, “For all the money that he may have raised the big thing is that he’s such an inspiration and source of hope for so many children with learning difficulties.

“When they see someone like Lawrence they know there’s something there for them.”