OLYMPIC TORCH 9.30am: Ore schoolchildren inspired by the torch

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ALMOST 300 schoolchildren from Red Lake School cheered on torchbearer Josh Sloane as he ran through the village of Ore this morning.

The 22-year-old from Aylesford in Kent was greeted with whoops of excitement as children shoued “Go Josh, Go!”. Josh took time to let people took the base of the Olympic torch before he was about to run.

Red Lake pupil, Amanda Mgutshini, 11, said: “The arrival of the Olympic torch makes me feel really excited. It is a once in a lifetime chance. Amanda won a gold medal for the relay and silver in the 50m sprint at the town sports day at the William Parker Sports College in Hastings last week.

Tyler Davies, 9, also a pupil at Red Lake School won a gold medal in the long jump at the town sports day. He said he felt inspired by seeing the torch.

Schoolchildren joined residents and shopkeepers to line the route as the torch passed through Ore on an overcast and blustery Wednesday morning. Many waved flags, wore hats and some blew vuvuzelas for this carnival occasion.

Looking on was Elizabeth Brown, headteacher at Red Lake School. She said: “Everyone wanted to be out here today to greet the torchbearers. We have had a whole week of events with Olympic themes such as opening ceremonines and each class representing a different country. The children have been so inspired by it all, and it has been an incredible experience for them.”