OLYMPIC TORCH: Rizzle Kicks ‘blown away’ by Eastbourne support

Rizzle Kicks carrying the torch
Rizzle Kicks carrying the torch

Hip hop duo Rizzle Kicks have said they were overwhelmed by the support they received in Eastbourne where they took part in the Olympic Torch relay yesterday (Tuesday).

The pair were cheered on by hundreds of fans as they carried the flame along Eastbourne seafront, with some screaming teens reduced to tears at the mere sight of them.

Speaking to the Herald after their run, they said, “Carrying the Olympic Flame today was brilliant!

“We met some massively inspirational Future Flames [people who were due to take part in the relay] and were totally blown away by the cheers from everyone who came down to see us.

“Thank you for the support.”

They certainly proved the main draw throughout the day. Sixteen-year-old Emily Daniels said, “I was going to come and watch the torch anyway but when I heard Rizzle Kicks were carrying it, I made sure I came down really early to get a space at the front.

“I cried when I found out they were coming here. I love them, I love all their songs but I’ve never seen them.

“I charged my phone for hours to make sure it didn’t run out while I was filming them.”

And Anne Dawson added, “The girls were going crazy for Rizzle Kicks.

“There was only a small crowd but they were crying and hysterical. They were climbing up on the walls and screaming.

“One mum said Rizzle Kicks are like the Beatles as far as her children are concerned.”

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