One step closer to lower speed lmit at school

10/7/13- Children at Playden School campaigning for a 20mph speed limit on the road outside their school. ENGSUS00120131007173209
10/7/13- Children at Playden School campaigning for a 20mph speed limit on the road outside their school. ENGSUS00120131007173209

RYE Labour candidate Sarah Owen took concerns of local school children to East Sussex County Council.

Sarah has been campaigning on behalf of worried children and parents at St Michael’s Primary School, Playden who want to see a 20mph speed limit outside the school.

Playden is one of the only schools in the county to currently have a national 60mph speed limit outside its gates.

Last year, pupils from Playden Primary, wrote to Labour Parliamentary Candidate Sarah Owen to help with a campaign to get the speed limit reduced.

After receiving numerous heartfelt letters Sarah met with pupils and teachers and promised to campaign for a reduction. She then set up a petition which she handed over to East Sussex County Council and spoke to.

Following the meeting, Sarah Owen said: “We have had a very welcome but partial ‘win’ on improving the road safety outside St Michael’s Primary and I’d like to everyone who has supported the campaign.

“When I raised the issue of speeding traffic outside the school with Cllr Glazier and the East Sussex County Council Officers at the meeting, they sadly did not agree that this was the issue, but they have finally agreed to act if suitable funding can be found.

“I shall continue to work together with the school, parish council and county councillors because the risk of having a 60 MPH limit near a primary school defies common sense.

“There are 20 mph limits outside every school in West Sussex and I believe that our children should be given the same consideration - as one child told me, their lives are worth just as much.”

Daisy, a pupil at the school, wrote, “...If one of us gets hit I will be sad, especially if it is my friend.” Daisy’s classmate Will Neate highlighted how narrow the lane is outside his school, He said, “Imagine if a car hit a child at 60mph...change the speed now before it’s too late.”

County Council leader Keith Glazier said: “A recommendation to continue working with the School and parish council to find a way to fund a solution was agreed. I will now resume talks with the Parish Council and school to see if there is any appetite to match fund the scheme to provide a flashing 20mph sign.

“I’m pleased to hear the speeds in the lane at a recent recording were not excessive and that there have been no recorded accidents over the last 10 years. I will continue to work with others to ensure the lane remains as safe as it possibly can be, accepting the financial restraints we all face. I would like to thank the school children that have and continue to put so much effort into this and look forward to visiting again soon.”