‘Ongoing damp hell making my life a misery’

16/4/14- Damp at property in Oyster Creek, Rye Harbour. SUS-140416-155749001
16/4/14- Damp at property in Oyster Creek, Rye Harbour. SUS-140416-155749001

A RYE Harbour woman says her life is being made unbearable by damp and mould at her Oyster Creek home.

Beverley Forrester described her living conditions as ‘Dickensian’ and said repeated requests to landlords Amicushorizon to deal with the damp have fallen on deaf ears.

She said: “No-one should have to live like this. There is black mould and damp on my furniture and possessions.

“All I am doing is washing mould off my walls only for it to reappear again.

“Walls are bubbling up and tiles are lifting. It is like living in the Dickensian era.

“I have had a damp report done and it identified two types of mould.

“I have aggressive eczema and the damp is making it worse. My house is killing me.

“People who have come round from Amicus have treated me in a patronising and condescending way. They give the impression that they really don’t care and can be very abrupt.

“They insist that the problem is caused by me not ventilating the house properly but that really is not the case. I should not have to find the fault.

“One heating bill was £400 but how do you heat a soggy house?

“These houses are only around 15 years old. My window frames are rotten and they won’t replace them. They have been eaten up with mould. My storage heaters are out of date.”

A spokesperson for Amicushorizon said: “We’re sorry that Ms Forrester is unhappy with her home. We got an independent specialist to carry out a damp survey on 28 January this year. All recommended works were completed by March 4 , except fitting three passifyer vents which Ms Forrester did not wish to have. The damp survey concluded the mould growths found were ‘indicating and confirming condensation’. Random readings taken in all rooms to the external walls showed ‘no obvious evidence of either rain water penetration or rising damp’. We’ll continue to work with Ms Forrester to try and improve the condensation issue in her home.”