A hospital to be proud of

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WE welcome news of expansion plans and improvements at the Rye Memorial Hospital.

Anything which provides high quality treatment and care for local people helping them avoid an arduous round trip to the Conquest Hospital has to be a good thing.

Rye’s hospital is a local treasure - it was campaigned for and built through local effort and continues to be a vital resource for Rye and the surrounding communities.

We already have a highly regarded facility - now it looks as if it is to become even better.

Anyone who anxiously watched the river level rise higher and higher in December will know what a very real threat to Rye flooding is.

Back then the Environment Agency did an excellent job of averting what could have been a costly disaster.

It is reassuring that we now have Rye’s hard working REACT team keeping a wary eye on the situation.

It is absolutely vital that cuts do no affect regular maintenance of valves, flaps and pumps that keep Rye’s flood defences working and the water from our doors.