A21 road dangers must be reduced

MP Greg Barker’s vision of the A21 as continuous dual carriageway from Hastings to the M25 is an interesting one. But would that be effective in reducing deaths and serious accidents on this appallingly dangerous stretch of road.

Significantly the only stretch of dual carriageway we had in this area, at Flimwell, was actually decommissioned and turned back to single lane due to the number of accidents related to it.

One thing is certain and that is that action needs to be taken to reduce the risk.

It is scandalous that built-up Hurst Green is still waiting for a promised 50mph speed limit two years later. Compared with the greater costs involved in widening, reducing a speed limit is a cheap and effective option.

Motorists too must take some responsibility and adjust their speed and driving according to conditions.

As police often point out - speed limits are there as an absolute maximum - it does not mean you have to drive at 60mph through built-up areas,

Improved safety will come from a combination of the efforts of campaigners and a change of attitude from road users.