All set for blazing spectacle

NOWHERE does bonfire the way we do it here in Sussex and Rye is a great example of that fiery tradition.

There is something primal, that goes beyond dramatic, to see the ancient buildings lit by flames from burning torches as the procession passes.

Where else could you see such a spectacle and incredible fireworks display without so much as an entry fee?

With this in mind we would strongly urge all those turning out to watch the event to be generous when the collecting tins and buckets come around.

Not only does the collection on the night aid local charities and good causes it helps toward the heavy cost of staging such an amazing event, such as insurance and security.

Some collections in the past have been pitifully low, amounting to pence per head. Give generously this year and help safeguard the future of Rye Bonfire and a Sussex tradition.

There have been some disturbingly violent incidents in the Rye area of late but Rye police have been proactive in tackling this and arresting offenders in nearly every incident. At a time when the Force is stretched our local police are doing a great job.