Answers needed over Camber drugs

THE dangers and potential tragic outcome of using drugs came under the spotlight this week when an inquest opened into the death of a 36 man who died after taking the Class C drug ketamine at a music festival at Pontins at Camber Sands.

It has opened wider issues of getting medical attention on the site and how drugs enter it in the first place.

A barrister was raising questions this week as to who is responsible. Is it the event organiser All Tommorows Parties; Pontins, who lease out the venue, or Rother Council who issue the licence and have the responsibility to see it is properly complied with?

The police came under fire for not taking more action but it seems they have a near impossible job.

The Observer spoke to a local door-man this week who told us that drug taking in pubs and clubs in the area is epidemic and very hard to police. He told us that door-staff had discovered users sniffing substances from toilet seats and that use of ketamine was wide-spread.

We may be in the 21st century but it is good to see ancient Sussex traditions still being upheld. A new Mummers group has sprung up at Winchelsea and apple trees will be wassailed at Iden on Saturday.