Battle Observer comment

Just in case you haven’t noticed, there is quite a major event going on this weekend.

Queen Elizabeth II will mark 60 years on the throne on Tuesday, with local councils, residents’ associations and other community groups up and down the country planning to celebrate this milestone in their own way.

The trestle tables and Union Jack bunting, which adorned various avenues and closes for street parties to mark last year’s Royal Wedding, is being hurriedly dusted down, ready for another outing this weekend.

Having dropped by at one such street party in Bexhill last spring, as much fun as it was, it was accompanied by a slight twinge of sadness that as a nation we don’t get together within our communities as often as we know we should.

One older lady told me she had been living in her street for several years and in all that time had never met any of her neighbours.

Luckily in Battle, and many of the villages, this sense of community seems to be alive and well, as shown by the amazing number of events organised throughout the Rother district.

So whether you are a staunch Royalist or just someone who loves their community, raise a glass this weekend. Just don’t leave it another 60 years.