Battle Observer Comment

SADLY there seems to be a flurry of dog attack stories making the news just recently.

Last week the Rye edition reported how a farmer in Fairlight had his sheep savaged by a loose dog for the second time is just a few months.

And of course there was that horrific attack on a number of passers-by in Hastings, which has left three victims requiring plastic surgery.

And now a labrador, which is generally thought of as quite a docile breed, has attacked and killed a young deer in woodland in Dallington.

Dogs are unpredictable animals and even this particular dog owner, who by all accounts is a good owner, could not have predicted what her pet did.

I’m not going to make myself popular, but I believe dogs should be kept on a lead.

Of course in the main dog owners are sensible, control their animals and understand that not everyone wants to be leapt on and slobbered on by their beloved pet.

But I have come across some owners who display startling arrogance over the whole issue.

And having been chased and bitten as a very young child by a dog who was ‘just playing’ I know how one bad experience can have a deep and lasting effect.

One letter suggests dog licensing may be a way forward.

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