Battle Observer Comment

FIRSTLY congratulations to everyone who collected their GCSE results this week.

Once again the local schools produced a strong set of results, despite the exam markers apparently marking particularly harshly this year.

Hopefully this should keep the ‘exams are getting easier’ brigade quiet and allow these young people to enjoy their hard-earned results.

The gypsy site at Beeches Brook in Battle has been given temporary planning permission for another three years to allow Rother time to find land for a new travellers’ site in the district.

If you recall, this is same reason the site was given temporary planning permission two-and-a-half years ago.

Previously it has really felt as if the local authority was dragging its feet over the issue of travellers’ sites.

Now Rother is in the process of identifying potential sites and public consultations will take place over the coming months.

Of course Rother needs to be thorough in coming to its decision, but at the same time I can’t help feeling it should pick up the pace slightly.

The family at Beeches Brook is facing another three years of uncertainty as Rother continues its search for a site when a decision really should have already been made.