Battle Observer comment: If I was a commuter, I would be demanding my money back

THE newsroom was inundated with complaints from fuming commuters this week after a derailed train led to the closure of the Hastings to Robertsbridge line.

These things are always frustrating, but many passengers (albeit perhaps begrudgingly) accept this is just a fact of life, and that occasionally these things do happen.

But what has really upset train users is the fact that the buses sent out to ferry them between stations have been, to quote one passenger, ‘substandard’.

Old, uncomfortable, filthy buses, some of which have apparently broken down en route, are not what you would expect after shelling out for a season ticket.

And if the state of the buses wasn’t enough, one driver apparently didn’t know where he was going, making an already pretty shoddy state of affairs even worse.

If I was a commuter, I would be demanding my money back.

Southeastern have said they have yet to received any complaints about the buses.

But I’m guessing they will do before too long.