Battle Observer Comment: Julian Gardner’s family showed dignity during ordeal

AFTER months of painstaking investigations by the police, the men responsible for the death of Robertsbridge businessman Julian Gardner were finally brought to justice this week.

Mr Gardner’s death shocked the local community to its core, and devastated his elderly mother Molly, who was sleeping just metres from the spot where her son was killed.

Mrs Gardner, and Julian’s sister Anna Murphy, have been so dignified throughout this whole ordeal, from the moment the news broke, right up to addressing the press pack on the court steps following the verdict.

This is in contrast to one of the defendants who, despite his persistent denials of the offence throughout the trial, yelled at a TV camera “that’s what happens when you come to be a hero” as he was led into a prison van.

The judge said the men showed ‘no flicker of remorse’ for their crimes. And perhaps they never will.

But at least they are now behind bars, where they belong.

Julian’s mother and sister say they will never be released from their sorrow.

But let’s hope the result of this long and gruelling court case will at least provide some degree of comfort to these brave women and help them find the strength to move forward.