Battle Observer Comment: Making North Trade Road safer for all

BATTLE’S North Trade Road is looking a bit different this week.

Following three weeks of roadworks, new kerb stones, bollards and fresh tarmac have appeared on the pavement near Wellington Gardens.

These have been installed not for cosmetic reasons, but to protect pedestrians from vehicles which mount the pavement as impatient motorists barge their way past oncoming traffic and parked cars.

And these changes are all down to resident Yvonne Clarke.

Yvonne has tirelessly campaigned for safety improvements since she was injured by a lorry whilst walking down the pavement more than a year ago.

Although her campaign was well-received by most, shamefully she was subjected to abuse from some motorists who thought their journey and their parking needs were more important than the safety of the residents and school children who regularly use this busy road.

Yes, North Trade Road is an incredibly frustrating road to travel down, but this is part of a wider problem Battle has with regards to traffic and town centre parking.

Yvonne should be applauded, not abused, for taking the lead in trying to make this section of the road just that bit safer for all concerned.