Bernadine Fiddimore: Great Expectations for Christmas in Rye & Rye Bay

Many people have special memories of Christmas time in Rye when the High Street was festooned with coloured lights, Santa ‘Ho Ho Ho’ed his way up the cobbles to his grotto, and the town echoed to the sound of carols and festive music.

Rye lends itself so beautifully to this magic time of year and it is sad that for a few years the Christmas festivities have been a little lacklustre. That changes in 2015.

A new group of inspired and talented people are taking on the production of a Christmas Festival and already some exciting new ideas have been brought in to make this year’s festival a real Christmas Cracker! Some of the traditional features will be back, the lighted Christmas Tree on the Strand, the Christmas Market and a very much expanded Procession through the streets.

Areas of Rye not included before will have their own features and attractions and the overall theme will be from the days of Dickens, perfect for Rye’s ancient streets and leaded windows and a great opportunity to dress up!

We all know that Christmas is nothing without lights, lots and lots of lights and this year we intend to see that Rye is aglow. Whilst some of the old fixings in the High Street are no longer fit for purpose, the lighting team have come up with some brilliant new ways of illuminating the Town and I will shortly be announcing the details of a window competition for residents called ‘Rye in Lights’.

Fundraising is key to any event and it is hardly needs stating that the whole town needs to get behind the efforts of Rye’s Christmas Festival team to make sure that Rye puts on a show to rival all the other towns in our area.

I am really looking forward to Rye rocking to the sound of music, laughter and Christmas bonhomie. Great Expectations indeed.

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