Bernadine Fiddimore: the town’s struggle with traffic is still top of the council’s agenda

The Rye View with Bernadine Fiddimore SUS-151007-132048001
The Rye View with Bernadine Fiddimore SUS-151007-132048001

Illegal parking, cars apparently aimlessly cruising around the streets and the noisy and constant presence of motor bikes on Sundays all contribute to destroy the sense of peace and safety everyone should be able to enjoy when visiting or shopping in the Town.

This issue is still very much on the council’s agenda and was clearly top of the polls at a meeting held recently to examine priority matters for the Council to tackle.

An initiative to ‘share’ a paid Traffic Warden with another parish has been investigated and talks with the Police Commissioner are ongoing as to how this serious and increasing issue can be addressed, not just in Rye but in small towns all over East Sussex.

One day when we will be able to wander about the Town with no fears of being mown down or squeezed off the pavement is fast approaching.

On the 12th December Rye will be celebrating Christmas with a ritzy, glitzy new look to the Christmas Festival.

All sorts of fabulous preparations are in place and I now need people to step up and offer help with the details.

An open meeting will be held at Rye Town Hall on Wednesday 7th October at 6.30pm for volunteers to come along and tell us how they can help the event on the day.

All are welcome and I look forward to seeing you