Christian Comment with Hugh Mosely

Wow! With moistened eyes and lumps in the throat we watched the Olympics. Could anyone fail to be moved by the sight of the successes of Team GB? We found a new topic of conversation, which made a change from discussing the vagaries of the summer weather!

Did you notice the words repeated time and again by some of our conquering heroes and heroines? “Dedication”, “Sacrifice”, “Inspiration”, “Discipline”.

For behind each victory in all the events the team entered, lay hours of hard work, single mindedness, disappointments, injuries and training. Each competitor had his or her eyes fixed on the great prize.

If possible, a gold medal or a final place or at least a personal best time or performance. Each Olympic event, in sailing, shooting, swimming, cycling, athletics etc. was the culmination of months or years of preparation.

No wonder the competitors were anxious, so much depending on one or two outstanding performances. However their confidence was based on the assurances that they had done all that was humanly possible to be ready.

Their regime to be fit involved dedication, sacrifice, inspiration and discipline. It sounds almost religious! I hope that such sportsmen and sportswomen will be role models for us all.

To get the most out of life, we have to put some effort in. God made us to be creative, to fulfil our potential, to contribute to the good of society, to enrich the lives of others.

The Olympics showed that. May we too.