Cinema applause was justified

WE would add our applause to that of the Rye public packing into Monday’s meeting over Rye Council’s decision to support and not hinder the creation of a new cinema at Lion Street.

Cllr Adam Smith quoted planning rules, policy and statutes but seemed to be clinging doggedly to the letter of the law rather than the spirit of it. His adherence to the small print was met with exasperated sighs from the public gallery.

It was clear he was out of touch with the mood of the public at the meeting by insisting that access to the Lion Street site was a problem. He also failed to carry many fellow councillors with him in his argument.

We would not criticise Cllr Smith at all for wanting better access for all people but this is an issue that affects the whole of Rye due to the layout of the historic town. If you applied the rules to the letter then most of Rye’s businesses and facilities would have to shut-up overnight.

Access in Rye is a problem but it needs to be dealt with in an holistic rather than selective way.

Rye Town Hall, where Monday’s meeting was held, remains one of the most inaccessible buildings in Rye. Will Cllr Smith be campaigning for better access there?