College needs 21st century facilities

Comment from the Rye Observer
Comment from the Rye Observer

There is something almost poetic about Rye Academy expressing interest in the Lower School site.

After years of laying derelict and abandoned and then looking certain to provide space for a new supermarket - it could return to it’s original use and provide land for education.

The former Thomas Peacocke building - now Rye College - is not ageing well and could end up becoming a money-sink.

The Academy has shown that it is vibrant, forward-looking and eager to play a part in the life of the town.

Students who go there need and deserve nothing less than the best modern surroundings and facilities in which to develop their skills.

Questions do remain though. Does Rye still need a new supermarket - and if so where will it go?

Our sympathies lay with beleaguered commuters on the Battle line who are facing yet another winter of discontent.

Not only do they face major disruption with no trains stopping at London Bridge, but they will be paying more for the privilege of it with Southeastern confirming it is increasing its rail fares in January.