Carnival capers show off our Old Town

There is never a dull moment living in Hastings Old Town

Friday, 3rd August 2018, 12:40 pm
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 5:13 pm
Amber Rudd MP for Hastings & Rye

This week it is the Old Town Carnival Week and it is time to celebrate what makes our town such a great place to live.

We have enjoyed a wide range of quirky and exciting events over the week - from pram racing, a tug o war, and even guessing the weight of a cheese tower - there are plenty of things to get out and do in the warm summer weather and have fun in this historic part of our town.

As part of the celebrations, I enjoyed going to the tug o war, craft fair, guessing the weight of the cheese tower, and even a street party as well as a concert on the beach!

I have always felt fortunate to have my job based in a town with such rich culture and community spirit and the events over the last week show exactly why Hastings is such an exciting place to be.

We are a town that has broken the record for most people dressed as a pirate and we have one of the most iconic seafronts in England with the unique and historic fishing huts next to the beach where Europe’s largest beach-launched fishing fleet is located.

It is important to recognise the great work from the Old Hastings Preservation Society and Carnival Association who have organised these events and upheld the character of the Old Town while recognising its community spirit.

I hope everyone in our town has enjoyed the events of the past week as much as I have and I am pleased our local residents have made this year’s carnival such a success.

Our towns do not go to sleep over the summer, so keep an eye out for upcoming events like the St Michael’s Hospice Rye and District show where I am sure visitors from Hastings will be very welcome.

We also have the launch of the St Mary in the Castle Fun House festival to look out for our younger residents, as well as the St Leonards Market on 24 August and 1 September respectively.

Make sure you don’t miss the Grand Carnival Procession tomorrow at 5pm which brings together all of the events of the last couple days and I wish everyone an enjoyable summer.