Dickensian housing conditions at Rye

We have reported on two incidents in the space of a month where people have been living in damp and mouldy homes provided by Amicushorizon.

In both the housing group has insisted these extreme conditions are caused by condensation and therefore somehow the fault of the occupant.

We have seen horrendous pictures of the extent of the mould from both properties and we are not the only ones to think this is being caused by something more than condensation - independent builders too have said they suspect a more far-reaching problem.

Tests carried out by Amicushorizon seem to involve no more than taking readings from a hand-held device.

Could it be that this multi-million pound housing group is seeking to avoid carrying out more thorough (and expensive) investigations?

Either way - it is totally unacceptable that those living in 21st century Rye should experience such Dickensian conditions.

Many residents in Fairlight are living on the edge - quite literally. Crumbling cliffs have already claimed many homes and now 150 more are at risk. We call upon Rother Council to do all it can to find resources to alleviate this ongoing serious problem.