Enjoy the scorcher but stay safe

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LIFEBOAT crews were stretched to the limit again at the weekend as the continuing heatwave saw thousands heading for the beach.

The safety message, repeated each year, about the danger of off-shore breezes blowing inflatables out to sea has once again failed to get through to people. And with another hot weekend predicted the same scenario could be set to unfold again.

Rye Harbour Lifeboat advise that inflatables should be tethered to the shore.

Camber is a relatively safe beach but there always dangers being in the water. Lass year a young woman drowned while paddling in just a few feet of water after losing her balance.

Both the Rye Harbour Lifeboat and the Pett Level Rescue Boat did a fantastic job at the weekend, rescuing a number of children.

By acting in a responsible way people can lighten their load.

The hot weather has also seen a sharp rise in opportunist theft, especially of unattended phones left on the beach.

People leaving doors and windows open at home can also be a risk say police.

Follow police advice and don’t leave expensive valuables unattended as an invite to thieves.