Festival hits all the right notes

It is fair to say that Rye Festival has never rested on its laurels but this year’s festival is looking to be one of the freshest and exciting in its forty year plus history.

String quartets playing in pubs, free concerts and hands-on involvement from students at Rye College and the Studio School has breathed new life into the event.

The festival line-up too has an extremely wide-appeal with walks, talks, exhibitions and a diverse array of music.

It is even seasoned with a little controversy this year with Vicky Price speaking of her time in prison for perverting the course of justice,

All that is needed now is for people to show support and attend the events.

Some have been quick to dismiss an idea suggested by Cllr Granville Bantick to introduce community wardens to help reduce Rye’s ongoing traffic problems, but we would like to see the idea explored in more detail.

It is easy for people to knock and criticise but we applaud Cllr Bantick for being proactive enough to address the issue and put forward a constructive option.