Hard times ahead for Rye area

RYE Town Council being forced to raise its portion of the Council Tax by 25 percent this week is a clear indication of the times and economic climate we are living in.

The figures look startling at first - a £25,000, 39 percent increase - but in reality that equates to just 33p a week extra for a Band D property.

We support the council’s decision and recognise they were faced with a no choice scenario. The Town Council is also acutely aware of the tough decisions facing Rother Council, which has already indicated it may have to consider ending its maintenance of public toilets. In that case Rye Council may have to step in.

We believe Rye Town Council, despite its limited resources, has a better understanding of the needs of local people and that the community can have a degree of confidence in what the council offers.

You only have to look at the forward thinking and pro-active stance the Town Council took over snow and severe weather.

As the Council points out, it is still independent enough to derive over half its total income from sources other than Council Tax.

There are tough times ahead, make no mistake. If you really want a clear indicator of how bad things are look no further than the fact that Rye police station will soon be home to a food bank.