Hard winter ahead for fishermen

As both Rye and Battle gear up for their big Christmas celebrations seasonal cheer will be in short-supply for Rye fishermen this winter.

European regulations on fishing quotas has the local fleet in its icy grasp and years of local and political campaigning has failed to release it.

It is grossly unfair that the smaller boats fishing out of Rye see 90 percent of all fish stocks being swallowed up by the big commercial fleets.

Rye MP Amber Rudd is doing her best to force a change but this really has gone on for far too long now.

Fishing is a hazardous occupation and our local fishermen deserve to be rewarded with a decent living for putting out to sea so we can enjoy fresh local produce.

Their efforts have helped put Rye on the national food map with events such as Scallop Week in February.

The whole quota system needs looking at again which a much fairer eye.

Until that happens the Observer will continue to highlight the situation and support the cause of our local fishing fleet.