Have we been failed by the NHS Trust?

Arguably there is no more important front-line service than our local health service,

All of us have used it at some time or other , whether it has been going to casualty for a sports injury or using the maternity service.

Although the Trust claims it listened to the Inspectors and made some improvements, it us now abundantly clear that they were not anywhere near enough and that one of the main issues of front-line staff feeling disconnected and disenfranchised had not been resolved.

Staff feel ‘disengaged’ and ‘undervalued’ says the Unions. How could this have been allowed to happen?

In most other places of work when mistakes are pointed out and people ignore instructions and keep on making them it results in dismissal.

If hospital campaigners, Unions and the staff could all see that this was coming then why couldn’t the management?

It is a damning report for sure but we should also remember that hundreds of people have had a good experience at the Conquest and have been full of praise for the care they have received.

Changes need to be made but we also have to keep some sense of perspective in all this.