How can Council justify big tax rise?

BATTLE Council tax payers deserve some answers following Battle Council’s decision to impose a hefty rise this week.

At a time when every penny counts and people are having to make sacrifices to get by , how can they justify that?

An even bigger question is why have they not passed on the benefit of the Council Tax Support Grant of around £14,000 to charge payers?

This grant was awarded for a specific purpose to ease hardship not to swell Battle Town Council’s coffers.

We can understand the anger of parents of Crowhurst School.

While we are left to shiver in a freezing cold November teachers are jetting off to sunny Gran Canaria during term time.

It makes a mockery of the hard line that schools and the education authority take against parents who ask to take their children out of school during term time, sometimes for good reasons.

The Head argues that the school will benefit from what staff learn from the trip by visiting schools abroad.

That could well be the case but in an age of video conferencing when it has never been easier to share information across the globe, can they really justify the Head and four members of staff making this trip? We would say not.