How can this be democracy?

So it seems that Rother Council’s Cabinet had made it’s decision on what to do about the Rye supermarket stalemate before the committee members had even taken their chairs on Monday (Page 5).

No surprises then that, like Pontius Pilate, they took the soft option - washing their hands and passing the ball on to Government.

What is really appalling though is that Cabinet refused to even consider a well thought out and constructive option put forward by Rye member Sam Souster.

Do Bexhill councillors really think they know more about Rye and the needs of its constituents more than Sam?

How can this possibly be democracy in action when Cabinet will not even discuss or debate other actions.

We have long suspected that Cabinet has become an Old Boys club with councillors determining outcomes in private pre-meetings then rubber-stamping them in public - this latest debacle does nothing to alleviate those suspicions.

Are we really surprised though? Sam’s option required Rother to actually do something positive - to take action and issue some compulsory purchase orders.

Instead it chose to remain sitting on the fence where it has always been over this important issue.