How to beat the world news blues

The world is in a mess. It was ever thus.

Our response to a constant diet of bad news may be a feeling of weariness.

The Middle East in crisis, child abuse, sexual violence against women, erratic weather patterns, racial and religious tensions in many countries………

One reaction is mentally to limit our interest to what concerns us personally.

We assume that the bigger picture of world tragedies is beyond our power to influence for good.

We may send money to a special appeal by a well-known Charity.

But that is it, beyond absorbing more televised scenes of carnage and horror somewhere in the world.

What else can we do? Here is a novel idea that can empower us.

As we readily turn to prayer when our personal lives are going through choppy waters, so we may use news items as material for intercession to God.

We can literally act as a “go-between” (intercessor) between humanity and God.

In raising concerns to the throne of heaven, we are participating in God’s work of restoring wholeness and peace to His creation.

This work continues the ministry of Jesus who gave his life to create a bridge of salvation between God and us.

Easy for us to do? It is not. Prayer is hard work and we for the most part will not see the result of our efforts.

Moreover we are required to pray “in faith”, even if our faith is no bigger than a small seed. God calls us into partnership with Him to change society.

We have a power within our hands.

Let us put them together and believe in God’s grace to act.