Illegal parking a matter of life or death

Comment from the Rye Observer
Comment from the Rye Observer

The problem of illegal parking and a total lack of traffic management in Rye was underlined in the most serious way when fire engines were unable to respond to an emergency call after being blocked by badly parked vehicles.

We can be thankful that on this occasion it was a false alarm but make no mistake - a situation like this could have potentially fatal consequences,

As Cllr Mary Smith says, a short term solution needs to be found - and quickly.

A highways forum, chaired by Cllr Granville Bantick, is working hard behind the scenes to find a solution.

The police are unwilling to make parking enforcement a priority and, with their limited resources, they shouldn’t have to.

We are clear that Rother Council should take a lead on this. It is one of only two councils in the south east not to have decriminalised parking and appoint wardens.

While apportioning blame we should also realise that we live in an age where people have developed a dependency on cars and motorists who park illegally and selfishly, because they are too lazy to walk a few yards, have to take some of the blame. One day it could be them in need of an ambulance or fire engine.