Is collection service still rubbish?

Comment from the Rye Observer
Comment from the Rye Observer

It is shocking that more than half a year after Rother Council rolled out its new waste collection service, declaring it a great success, that some home owners are still experiencing regular problems with their waste collection.

We were first told by the council that it was teething trouble but that can hardly be an acceptable excuse now.

yes it’s a big area to cover and problems arise but when a household repeatedly makes the council aware of a specific issue, it should be addressed.

Rother residents pay their council tax and should be entitled to a certain level of service rather than having to cope with a potential health hazard.

If any other residents are experiencing problems then let us know.

The future of Rye Sports Centre is currently the subject of debate and it seems to have sparked a political battle.

This is an important community facility that was gained for the town after years of public campaigning and fund-raising.

A solution must be found and we would hope that people of all political persuasions can join together to secure a positive outcome for the town.