Jobs and fishing tradition threatened

WE would like to see more information and evidence provided by the Environment Agency before fishermen are forced to leave traditional moorings they have used for hundreds of years.

There are questions to be answered - why is there suddenly a problem now and what has caused it?

The Environment Agency wants to reduce the risk of collision but has it explored all the other available options?

We can see the point of fishermen who say they can’t understand why there is a health and safety issue at moorings that have always been in use, especially when the very act of putting to sea places them in all manner of danger.

We have always said that we believe Rye’s growth as a working port is beneficial to the whole community and that we welcome the big cargo ships trading, but not at the expense of small fishermen losing their livelihood and hundreds of years of tradition being swept away.

Rye is looking like the place to be over the bank holiday weekend.

Not only does the town host an international jazz festival with a host of free performances and street music, but Sunday sees the Raft Race which is guaranteed to provide high spirited fun.