Left in the dark by power station

Comment from the Rye Observer
Comment from the Rye Observer

IT is difficult to know what to make of the now well publicised situation at Dungeness Power Station.

Operators EDF Energy have accused the media of running misleading stories and denied they were not completely open about flood defence concerns.

We have to say that the power station has always seemed to go out of its way to keep local media informed. We regularly get issued with status reports from the station on minor issues such as a worker suffering a minor cut, for example.

But on this occasion we feel we were left very much in the dark and can find no record of the station contacting us about flood defence work and the shutting down of reactors.

Despite the long history of traffic dangers at Rye’s Lion Street, we would praise the George for working with police to find a practical solution which will hopefully avoid delivery vans blocking pavements.

We have spoken to the owners this week and are convinced there is a genuine desire to work with others in the town to ease traffic problems. We also feel a loading bay right outside the George is not the only option and alternative suggestions should be listened to.