All is not well in the rest of the EU

From: Richard Noutch, Friars Hill, Guestling

Friday, 4th January 2019, 9:30 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 2:19 pm
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In response to Guy Robinson’s “We will be worse off out of the EU” and Stephen Hardy’s “Vote on realities not fantasies” (28 Dec, 18) both of whom wish to thwart the will of the people and remain in the EU.

May I remind them that MPs voted 544 to 53 for a referendum and the Government sent a leaflet to every household in the country which stated “we will respect your decision to leave”.

Following the biggest turnout in British electoral history, 494 MPs against 122 voted to trigger article 50 the legal requirement to leave the EU. The democratic argument is clearly unequivocal and if not discharged would be a complete betrayal of the public’s faith in their elected leaders.

May I also suggest to those trying to engineer a “losers’ vote” that not all is well within the EU! Growth within the EU is falling and has been overtaken by the rest of the world. Meanwhile political problems within the Union abound; Germany has to overcome the demise of the CDU/Merkel for arbitrarily allowing over a million immigrants in without a peep from the EU, in France Macron is in serious trouble following nationwide protests, whilst in Belgium the recent riots against the immigration policy of its “government” resulted in violent scenes. In Spain the EU looks the other way when Catalonian elected politicians are locked up. Meanwhile, Italy is taking issue with EU over finance and the Poland/Hungary/ Czech Republic group are at odds with the dictatorial attitude in Brussels or Strasbourg (depending on the day of the week)!

Despite these significant problems and the looming EU elections in May 2019 which will inevitably see a rise in the populist (anti-EU vote) the unelected bureaucrats blindly plough on demanding ever closer union.

Against the backdrop of the biggest democratic exercise in our history and the serious problems looming for the EU I would submit that we would be worse off IN the EU in the years to come.