For 49 years in the RNLI I saved lives without discrimination off the Sussex and Kent Coast

From: Richard Tollett, Harbour Road, Rye Harbour

Friday, 24th September 2021, 9:47 am

With regard to Wayne Andrews letter in the Observer Re. RNLI helping ‘illegal activity’, I was a member of the RNLI for more than 49 years at Rye Harbour.

When I joined I was told that the RNLI charter was, The Preservation of Life from Shipwreck at Sea. There was nothing about colour or creed, hence there was no discrimination about any of those that we rescued.

During my time in the crew or as HON SEC/LOM we didn’t have any refugees, but we did have our fair share of smugglers, persons attempting suicide, and the like, that we helped. They were all people in need of help. Help that we were able and pleased to give.

It’s a shame that more people can’t be bothered to give help in the same manner or support those that are doing it. Well done to all lifeboat crews.

Incidently the RNLI only get tax relief on lifesaving equipment. The year before I left the RNLI they paid 6.5 million pounds in VAT.

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