GREETINGS: I usually write the column the weekend previous to when you read it. I want to take you back to last Sunday, which was a most glorious winter day – bright and sunny, crisp and invigorating, and a pleasure to be out by the sea-side. While I was watching the murmuration aerobatics of the starlings, the sky gradually turned to the most spectacular golden-amber- orange colour, as far as the eye could see.. Then, as the light faded, the trees became silhouettes against it. Truly beautiful. Then up came the full moon, which had a total eclipse in the early hours of Monday morning. Did you see it? What a weekend for weather watchers.

Friday, 25th January 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 6:47 pm
Icklesham news

CHURCH NEWS: The service at 9.30am on Sunday, the third Sunday after Epiphany, will be Parish Eucharist led by Fr. Barry Carter. During the week we remember Thomas Aquinas, Priest, Poet and Philosopher; Charles Stuart, King and Martyr; and, on Saturday 2nd February, the Presentation of Christ in the temple, and the Purification of the Virgin Mary, or Candlemas. The story is remembered every time we sing or say the Nunc Dimittis – Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word. There is an old rhyme about the Candlemas weather : When Candlemas Day is bright with sun, - Then the winter’s but half begun ; But when Candlemas Day is dark with rain, - Then winter’s power is on the wane. It is also Ground Hog Day, which is the opposite view. Apparently the little animals pop their noses out of their winter burrows to see if the sun is shining. If it is, they stay out. If not, they retreat for more hibernation. Take your pick !!

WEATHER: The days of sunshine are certainly bringing on the flowers. There are now daffodils out, wallflowers, viburnum, and STILL roses. Sunrise on 26th January is at 07.42; Sunset is at 16.37. On 2nd February it will be 07.32 for sunrise and 16.49 for sunset. Noticeably lighter later.

QUEEN’S HEAD: The live music at 4 pm will be played by the Nigel Bagge Band. If you decide to go for a meal as well, ring 01424 814 552.

MURDER MYSTERY EVENING: The event raised £730 for the village Project. None of this would have been possible without the continued support of Sue and Mick D’Arcy of the Robin Hood who sponsored the catering for the 5th year! The Playden Players and Del Smith who wrote the script. The caterers and helpers on the night were Cathy Wall, Chaz Wall, Kim Holland and Mags Baker. Thanks to all that gave their support, donated raffle prizes and helped with the clearing up. The winners of the evening were “Not a Clue”, Tracy’s team, who cracked the Murder, and”Whitehall Wanderers,” Sellens Team who won the Table Quiz. I have booked 18 January 2020 for the next year. This will be £60 per table.

QUIZ NIGHT: If you would like to enter a team please email Stuart Baker at [email protected] for the next quiz on 2nd February in aid of Motor Neurone Disease.

SCHOOL NEWS: Alexander Graham Bell was the subject of much discussion during the last week, when the children across the school were discovering much about communication. The School Council will be conducting a survey of Packed Lunches – contents, fruit and vegetables and how to prepare a healthy lunch box. The Head Teacher awards go to Bear Class, Bowe for always trying his best; Orangutan Class, Shaiden for always being considerate, kind, caring and helpful; Panther Class, Fynn for helping others; and Python Class, Sophie T. for confidence in Maths, setting up the class, a good role model and an all round superstar. Class awards for good work go to Bear Class, Cooper and Josh; Orangutan Class, Millie C. and Poppy Jane; Panther Class, Skie and Charlie M. and Python Class, Connor and Oliver. The Politeness Award goes to Leo in Panther Class. The caretaker was delighted with Orangutan Class, which also won the Attendance Award. House points go to Windmill House. Well done everybody.

CONTACT: Thank you for information about events. Please keep it coming if you would like anything brought to people’s attention.

AND FINALLY: Enjoy the sun when it shines and become observers of the changing season. There is always something interesting out there! Just put your scarves and gloves on and out you go.!!