OUR BUDDIES: Iden is well and truly in bud isn’t it? The daffodils are not in a hurry to come out, but their buds are everywhere heralding approaching spring. For so long, deciduous trees have reached out towards to a grey sky with claw-like branches, but now there are tentative signs of buds. The odd tree is becoming covered in blossom. The daffodil family, like all families are all different, from the baby tete-a-tetes to the big blooms like yellow trumpets. Some are white with orange centres, some a pale wan-looking yellow as though a month’s worth of iron medicine is needed [the sickly one of the family like Beth in Little Women.] Jonquils and narcissus, the members of the family who dare to be different. Wild daffodils, small, delicate, yet wayward, growing where they darn well please, clumps of them in woodland [the good time gals, out dancing till all hours.] Somehow, I see daffodils as a family of girls borrowing each- other’s clothes and lipsticks, all out to create a stunning look. They are too feminine and coquettish to be male. Iden is awash with them [that fiendish planting a couple of years ago was a great idea.] They light up the village don’t they, and for the short while they are here, we treasure them!

Friday, 8th March 2019, 6:00 am
Iden news

A SIGN-ON EVENING AT THE BOWLS CLUB: On April 10th, at 7 pm, in Iden Bowls Club, there is an informal get-together with members of the club. Anyone wishing to join is most welcome. The club welcomes members further afield from our local area, and it is particularly social, not in a lavish way, but friendly meals out, Bingo, and ad lib social events bring the club together all year round. Bowls matches include tea and sandwiches, and there are many club tournaments, which is a good excuse for a buffet and endless cups of tea and chat. Beginners are welcome, anyone wishing to learn will soon be shown the ropes!

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There is a Service of Holy Communion at Iden Parish Church, on Sunday, at 9.30am.

BINGO AT THE BOWLS: On March 22nd, at 6.30pm for 7pm, there is Bingo at Iden Bowls Club, an evening of fun, light refreshment and a raffle. Everyone is welcome, just turn up!

A NEW SECRETARY REQUIRED: Jill Johnson wishes to retire from secretarial duties, having been secretary of the Iden Village Hall. If anyone would like to fill the please contact Jill Johnson 01-797 280330------IGHT IN IDEN VILLAGE TONIGHT IN IDEN VILLAGE HALL: There is a meeting of the Iden and District Natural History Society tonight at 7.30pm, in Iden Village Hall. The lecture tonight is ‘A little Botany’ [part 2], given by Sue Buckingham. Visitors are welcome and pay £3.

MIDNIGHT CLEANING: My husband was annoyed with me this week for cleaning the stair carpet at midnight. While he was trying to drop off, he could hear me spraying carpet cleaner and scrubbing, as though it was the middle of the day. For some reason I often get a cleaning bug anytime from, 8.30pm in the evening. I think it’s because life seems too precious to waste sleeping. It drives him mad when out comes the Brasso, just when the ten-o-clock news starts. People say that they don’t know what they will do in retirement, but I find that the hours are not long enough. It’s a privilege to have time after we have worked so many years, having to cow-tow to lunch hours and rules and regulations. Managing time and getting everything done is like a jigsaw puzzle. I think its awful that people have to work now until they are in their seventies. Retirement is a time to appreciate the many activities we don’t have time to appreciate when we are working. Of course, I retaliated. “ You are lucky to have someone cooking your meals and keeping your house clean,” I said [giving it the tale of the old iron pot .] “But not at midnight Gill,“, he said [fair do’s]. He is a skylark, and I’m a owl. While he sleeps, I get out the spray polish, but come the morning he is up with the lark, and I cling to my bed like a drowning man to a life raft!

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