If not on that site, where else?

From: Bernard Brown, Netherfield Road, Battle

Friday, 1st March 2019, 10:29 am
Updated Friday, 1st March 2019, 10:30 am
Blackfriars. Photo courtesy of Google Earth

Lib Dem councillors once again have started their election campaign in a negative way over building homes on the Blackfriars site.

It is so, so easy to find things to criticise. Quoting from their letter, “We all know that Battle needs more affordable houses...”

And what do they base their criticism of the proposed development on?

According to the Lib Dems the site has not been developed because of the steep gradient, ancient woodlands, not mention the flora and fauna. If you do not know the area go and have a look. It just is not the idyll promoted by these councillors. And we cannot build houses on hills?!

The primary cause for non-development has been the cost of access roads made development unviable.

Now the Government has made that funding available.

But the big thing missing from the letter is this, just where would the Lib Dems suggest the much-needed houses are built. Effectively they oppose any significant development but propose nothing.

It is not just this issue where this applies.

Several issues over the last year – eg, the restaurant on the seafront at Bexhill – have been used by the Lib Dems after the event to attack the Conservative majority.

There is no apparent record of them opposing these projects before they went ahead.

So the Lib Dems in our area do nothing but oppose and frankly they are poor at opposition too.

Some months ago I raised an issue with my councillor at both district and county level.

I was amazed to get an acknowledgement from Cllr Field before the end of the day. And that is all I had.

My issue remains unresolved and not a word from Cllr Field since. It seems the Lib Dems in Battle are all noise and nothing else. Battle deserves better.