Netherfield Village Hall Jumble Sale: What a day it was. The sun seemed to be shining on the Village Hall. If I say there were crowds, I mean there were crowds. I have never seen so many people waiting to enter the saleroom for that once in a lifetime bargain that was on offer. There were racks of DVDs for 25p each, portable seats in a metal container and clothes by the thousand. At the start, people were 4 deep around the bric-a-brac section looking for pots, pans and assorted goodies that people had donated. Quality Street chocolates were given away free, later on in the morning and coffee and tea was on offer to sustain dry throats, put into that position from shouting “how much”, as they held their bargain up high. We had people coming from as far away as Brighton and Lancing to buy something, in support of the Hall. All in all we raised nearly £400 for our efforts. Thank you everyone.

Friday, 25th January 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 6:46 pm
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Netherfield Poets Corner: An interesting item came to me on email which I wish to share with you all. It is a poem written by a local resident, Gillian Slack, and relates to the jumble sale we have just had. I think this is a great way to report on a local event and shows what hidden talents we have in the village. I am happy to print other poems by members of our community if they feel brave enough to trust me with their creation.

The Jumble Sale.

There`s nothing really that I need,

But then you never know.

I headed to the Village Hall,

Not too early_____miss the flow.

To my surprise, the place was packed,

Where`s someplace for my car to go?

Once inside for 50pence

Were tables packed with goodies high and low.

And there before my very eyes,

Something that I could sew,

A piece of linen, mustard colour.

A bargain surely, for what I do not know!

It is such fun to rummage round

So thanks to to you for putting on this show.


The Messenger: If you have any items of interest regarding Netherfield, mail them to [email protected] by the 14th of each month for the opportunity to see them in print. The editor. Melanie Willis Fleming, wishes to keep The Messenger as a publication which is relevant, modern and centred around the news that matters to you. So get your pen out and start writing. The Messenger can be bought in the Netherfield Village Store, still only 50p! or delivered by Gillian for £5 a year. Call 838825..Thank you.

Netherfield Village Hall Library Service: The Library has been inundated with books. Donations have been arriving almost on a daily basis, which shows how generous everyone in the community has been. This means that we are able to keep offering something new and different to all our patrons. So please come along on a Wednesday afternoon and borrow a novel, a reference book or a biography on somebody famous. We also have CDs and DVDs which you can borrow. What could be better on these dark nights. Free tea and coffee too as well as a chat all in an atmosphere which is just right for reading and browsing.

Netherfield Village Hall future events: Organising the Coffee Morning is in full swing with a jewelry stall and one on sewing and embroidery. You can chat to the stallholders who can explain what their art is all about and maybe purchase an item or two. It is taking place on 9th February, at the Netherfield Village Hall, between 10 and 12. Coffee and tea with, I understand, a choice of cakes.. What could be better?

Netherfield Village Hall Bingo Night. On Thursday 31 January the Hall opens its doors again for this years first bingo event. Chat, tea and coffee and a welcome from the Committee will help you wile away a couple of hours with the chance of winning a pound or two. Our regulars come because it is also a social event and they can chat to each other about what has been happening. They are not only locals, as believe it or not our fame has spread. Why not come along and join them. I look forward to seeing you there.

Claverham Monday Badminton Club: Our number increased by one this week to 15. That is a large number of regulars and shows that our message is getting through. Yes, badminton is good for you, just like loads of money. A father and son visited us for the second time and showed us how to play the game with skill, determination and talent. I must have lost my skill, determination and whatever talent I had in moving to Sussex I think, all those many years ago.

The one lady member this week was Super Sandra, our stoolball champion and wife to Mike. She has been coming to our meets for years and years and years, and she is only 21. With the intensity of the match-play this week I think she thought her game was a little wanting, as she left a tad earlier than usual. When she was serving to me with that fast, just over the net, beginner of a serve, I can honestly say I did not notice the difference in her badminto prowess, as I struggled to keep the shuttle in play. What she should be saying is that this lot is not up to my standard, where is the England squad.

All I can say is that the evening, was fast, furious and top gear. Why not come and join us?

More next week...

Reflections on a garden: It is very difficult to try and manage a garden at this time of year, what with the weather, the short days and the cold. I know gardeners are supposed to be hardy (or is that the plants) and able to withstand the odd wind-chill and bouts of rain, but as you approach retirement (what do you mean I have already got there?) you begin to need a vest, thick socks and one of those pocket warmers, as you go about your gardening duties. You don’t need the added stress of worrying about what you will do if you catch man-flu. As any man will tell you there is a lot of it about and it does require constant attention from your other half to make it better. Even the medical profession are unable to provide a remedy to this age old affliction. I have never understood why the Government doesn’t give shed-loads of money to find a cure. Oh well, maybe one day.

What is clear is that this lack of attention means the weeds are appearing in the drive, the seed heads are empty of their harvest, the grass is beginning to make its way and some shrubs need a short back and sides. Also, all the tools need sharpening, cleaning and oiling, a bit like me and the shed needs that re-organising session that allows you to see what is not where it should be. They say, and I don’t know who the they are, that a man’s work is never done, and I have to say that I agree with that sentiment.

More next week...

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