Our Prime Minister displays the enthusiasm of the convert to climate change but not the ability to initiate practical steps.

From: Steve Barrass, High Street, Ticehurst

Friday, 19th November 2021, 9:45 am
Sir David Attenborough and Prime minister Boris Johnson attend the launch of the UK-hosted COP26 UN Climate Summit. (Photo by Jeremy Selwyn - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Because it is killing us and everything else on the planet’ is the simple answer to your correspondents who ask why we should be concerned by climate change.

They confuse an impartial, objective description and analysis of the world about us (let’s call it ‘science’) with deeply held beliefs and constructs of the human mind; ecology exists without people, economy only exists because people want it to.

It is an axiom of the ecological description of the world that populations of organisms grow until they either run out of food, or poison themselves with their waste, or are overwhelmed by predators. In our case we have destroyed the planet in our search for food and compounded it in our search for material prosperity.

We remain skilled enough to feed ourselves to survive, but at the cost to other living things, and indeed to other people seen as ‘different’. But we are now seeing our waste products – effluent, greenhouse gasses, litter – destroying us and the world about us.

And we are seeing ‘predators’ exploit our way of living – closely packed together breathing one another’s air, travelling vast distances frequently, complacent in our arrogance of omnipotence – with the evolution of pathogenic viruses.

Climate change deniers, who should be called ‘septics’ not ‘sceptics ‘as they have been poisoning the minds of the public for decades, are now having to defend themselves in courts across the world for their misrepresentation of climate research.

I write as Cop 26 in Glasgow comes to its conclusion. World leaders recognise the problem but continue to find good reasons for others to provide the answers.

Our Prime Minister displays the enthusiasm of the convert, but not the ability to initiate the practical steps which can give our grandchildren a chance.

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