Parliament has four choices over Brexit. It's time to chuck Chequers

From: Barry M Jones, Bixley Lane, Beckley

Monday, 26th November 2018, 10:06 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 4:59 pm

Well said Cindi Cogswell (Observer, November 16). Parliament put Brexit to a fair referendum, promising to honour the people’s vote.

That’s democracy; it must be upheld.

While Mrs May’s bizarre, remainer-driven ‘Chequers Deal’ Withdrawal Agreement indeed ‘takes us out of the EU’ under Art.50, allowing us to sign and seal certain trade deals, the post-divorce plan prevents us from enjoying those new trade deals for two years or more because Chequers commits Britain not to undercut the EU-27 through economically advantageous tariffs or standards – the basis of competitive free trade.

This legally enforceable EU cartel and restraint on UK trade, allied to the politically unresolvable Irish border issue (thanks Mr Blair!), uniquely ties Britain in perpetuity into a bizarre EU ‘customs arrangement’, worse than Norway’s, unless the EU-27 graciously allow us to leave under their terms. Which politicians and lawyers concocted this devious Brexit-in-name-only trap?

Parliament has four clear choices; accept, re-negotiate, default no-deal leave or undo Brexit... but do we remain under Cameron’s rejected EU reforms or a 45-year festering, unsatisfactory status quo, both of which prompted the Brexit referendum?

Remoaners insist the people were too darn ignorant to have been allowed our second EEC/EU referendum in 2016, so why are they demanding a third?

Respected psephologists (as opposed to spin-doctors) strongly suggest remainers will again lose, so prepare for further referenda.

Mature, pragmatic remainers respect the result and want Parliament to get on with it, but Corbyn’s Labour seeks only a power-grab general election... and then what?

If Mrs May and the EU refuse to re-negotiate this nonsensical ‘deal’ then Britain must walk away, free to trade with the rest of the world – which, at 57 per cent of our exports and growing, remains our largest market.

We succeeded before and can prosper again. Chuck Chequers!