Still hope for new lower limit

From: Sue Burton, Saxonwood Road, Battle

Friday, 2nd July 2021, 8:10 am
20mph speed limit sign: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire PPP-140204-110914001
20mph speed limit sign: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire PPP-140204-110914001

In last week’s Bexhill and Battle Observer we were informed that Councillor Claire Dowling did not give her support for a motion for 20mph to be the “default speed limit for all urban and village roads in East Sussex”. The officers say they do not have the resources. To me, this suggests ‘almost’ positive support for the idea, as Cllr Dowling didn’t say it’s not the right thing for our East Sussex roads.

The council officers have presumably spoken to the children and parents who want to walk or cycle to school, but who don’t because it’s not safe enough? Perhaps they have also spoken to the dog walkers who want a safer more peaceful walk, especially where there is no pavement?

They surely should have spoken to the many people who are now walking for pleasure along our country lanes, but who have to jump into a hedge to avoid being mown down? And what about the people who cycle for leisure along our roads, and people riding horses? All these people and animals are at risk from vehicles going far too fast for safety. Surely most caring car drivers wouldn’t mind their journey taking just a few minutes longer, if they knew that they could save the life of a child, dog, horse or pedestrian?

If 20 mph were the default speed limit, could that change happen gradually? Getting each individual town or village to ask for 20mph is bound to be a labour intensive process for both East Sussex officers and each community. Surely it would be much simpler to make one rule for the whole county? I hope the council will consider all this when the matter is voted on.

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