Watermill Lane has become an urban area due to the recent development in Bexhill

From: David Foster, Henley Down, Catsfield

Friday, 19th November 2021, 9:47 am
Newly built homes in a residential estate in England.

I noted the planning application for some 80 houses in Watermill Lane and I object to it.

There has been in and off the Lane an enormous amount of housing built in that area in recent years that has changed the area with the resultant great increase in traffic and human activity.

I am aware that new housing was required but it has been created and surely enough is enough in the Watermill Lane area. The site of this recent application forms part of the remaining rural unspoilt area, a typical agricultural landscape and covering it with concrete and houses would be a grave mistake.

Green “lungs” are essential in any area and particularly in an urban area, that due to the other recent development, this part of Sidley, has now become.

The “new” residents together with the established ones deserve that and it would be saved as a green and natural open space for all to enjoy.

Let us move on and if and when any new additional dwellings are needed in Rother, let them be elsewhere.

Leave the open, natural ,pleasant areas of Watermill Lane alone for all to enjoy.

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